The other day I rode my bicycle from Santa Monica to just beyond Leo Carrillo State Beach, a one-way distance of about 30 miles. I was appalled by the litter along the side of Pacific Coast Highway.

Last week I rode along the beach bicycle path down to Redondo Beach. The garbage left behind on several stretches of beach was equally disgusting.

Walk into Westwood or Venice early on a Sunday morning and one literally has to walk around the filth to avoid tripping on it. The Southland is treated like the floor of a giant movie theater. What would happen if the city stopped cleaning up after its prideless citizens. Would Los Angeles start looking like New York during a garbage strike? I think it would look worse.

What is the solution? Raise the social consciousness of Los Angeles' millions of inhabitants? Enact bottle and can mandatory deposit laws? Close down all fast food and takeout establishments? Move to Oregon? Give up bicycle riding and walking? It's your choice. You decide.


Los Angeles

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