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The Landlord's Law Book: Rights & Responsibilities by David Brown and Ralph Warner (Nolo Press, 950 Parker St., Berkeley, Calif. 94710, 336 pages, $19.95) is exactly what it purports to be, but unblighted by unnecessary legal jargon. With the thicket of laws and ordinances facing income property owners these days in California and other states, an up-to-date book such as this is as necessary as a rent receipt book or a good repair person. The indexed, large-format paperbound book also contains filled-out sample forms and model letters covering a variety of topics. The authors are both lawyers and have been--at various times--landlords and tenants. Although the book is aimed at landlords, tenants might consider obtaining a copy for their protection. A model for legal books aimed at nonlawyers.

The Smart Investor's Guide to Real Estate by Robert Bruss (Crown Publishers Inc., 270 pages, $15.95) is the fourth edition of a now classic book on real estate. Bruss uses questions from his syndicated column "Real Estate Mailbag" to answer questions that real estate investors--both novice and experienced--often face. Bruss is one of the most helpful writers on real estate topics and his books are always worth the price. This volume is no exception.

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