Times Staff Writer

Vetoed a bill (AB 2384) by Assemblyman Byron D. Sher (D-Palo Alto) to expand the grounds for appeal to the California Coastal Commission for certain development projects that were issued permits by local governments.

Assembly Floor Action:

Earthquakes: Approved on a 59-0 vote a bill (SB 548) by Sen. Alfred E. Alquist (D-San Jose) to require the Seismic Safety Commission to prepare a program to increase the level of earthquake preparedness statewide by the year 2000. It goes back to the Senate for consideration of Assembly changes.

Smaller School Class Sizes: Approved on a 45-22 vote a bill (SB 1210) by Sen. Gary Hart (D-Santa Barbara) to appropriate $60 million for bonuses to school districts that reduce class sizes in grades nine through 12 in English, math, science and social studies to achieve improved pupil performance. It returns to the Senate for concurrence in Assembly amendments.

Veterans Bonds: Approved and sent to the governor on a 63-0 vote a bill (AB 286) by Assemblyman Richard Floyd (D-Hawthorne) to place an $850-million bond issue for Cal-Vet home and farm loans on the June, 1986, ballot.

Senate Floor Action:

Killer Bees: Approved on a 34-0 vote a resolution (AJR 75) by Assemblyman Norm Waters (D-Plymouth) asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to set up a research and pest control program in Mexico to minimize the threat of Africanized or killer bees that recently invaded Kern County. It previously passed the Assembly by a 78-0 vote.


Anti-Apartheid: Approved on a 21-9 vote a resolution (AJR 20) by Assemblywoman Gwen Moore (D-Los Angeles) supporting federal legislation to prohibit the United States from assisting South Africa to develop its nuclear energy program or nuclear explosive devices. It previously passed the Assembly by a 43-29 vote.

Child Care: Approved and sent to the governor on a 28-2 vote a bill (SB 1029) by Sen. Bill Lockyer (D-Hayward) to appropriate $2 million to provide grants of up to $100,000 to employers to be used for employee child-care facilities on a 50-50 matching fund basis.

Hollywood Museum: Approved and sent to the governor on a 37-0 vote a bill (SB 1334) by Senate President Pro Tem David A. Roberti (D-Los Angeles) to appropriate $785,000 to a nonprofit organization to look into the feasibility of establishing a Hollywood film industry museum.

Mountain Lions: Approved and sent to the governor a bill (SB 76) by Sen. Robert Presley (D-Riverside) to let California’s 13-year-old ban on hunting mountain lions expire at the end of this year.

State Gem: Approved and sent to the governor on a 24-5 vote a bill (AB 2357) by Assemblyman Rusty Areias (D-Los Banos) to make benitoite California’s official gemstone.