Karpov, Kasparov Adjourn Game 4 at 41st Move

Associated Press

Titlist Anatoly Karpov, playing white, and challenger Gary Kasparov adjourned the fourth game of the world chess chamioponship Thursday, and Karpov sealed his 41st move.

Experts said that Karpov had a good chance to win when play resumes today. Kasparov leads 2 points to 1 in the match.

The two Soviet grandmasters opened the fourth game with the Queen’s Gambit, and the game was adjourned in what experts termed a complicated position.

Kasparov on the first game in the title bout, and the next two games were drawn.

The match is limited to 24 games. The title will go to the first player to win six games or score 12 1/2 points. A victory counts one point and each player gets half a point for a draw.