Steinbrenner, Winfield Reportedly Have Clash

Associated Press

A clubhouse confrontation between New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and Dave Winfield ended with the owner suggesting that the outfielder might be playing elsewhere next season, according to Friday’s New York Daily News.

Columnist Mike Lupica wrote that the incident occurred on Tuesday when Steinbrenner was about to distribute to the players Commissioner Peter Ueberroth’s letter appealing for drug testing.

According to Lupica, as Steinbrenner was about to hand out the letters, Winfield said: “I’ll take those and distribute them. I’m the player rep on this team. It’s my job. This is my team in that regard.”

Steinbrenner replied: “Not for long. I’m the boss around here. We’ll see if you’re going to be around next season.”

Winfield, who has a no-trade clause in his contract, told Steinbrenner: “You know where I’m going to be next season? I’m going to be right here.”


The letters were distributed by Winfield and coaches Gene Michael and Jeff Torborg.

Lupica said that the Angels’ Reggie Jackson, a former Yankee, said Thursday: “If Dave has a chance to get out, he ought to think about grabbing it. One of these days, Dave’s not going to be able to turn his ability on and off at whim. It just happens with age. And when that happens to you around the Yankees, you are very, very vulnerable. I know. I would just tell Dave to be careful. Very careful. He should consider his options.”