I am a regular reader of the L.A. Times and always refer to the Calendar section for major events in Los Angeles. I eagerly awaited the review of much-heralded opening of “Tosca” by the Berlin Opera before taking off for the second performance. (I live in San Diego, so it is a major undertaking).

A review of “Tosca” never appeared, much to my disbelief, and only after arriving in Los Angeles did I find that yes, there was Martin Bernheimer’s review in the Sept. 11 edition in Los Angeles, but not in the San Diego edition!

While I applaud The Times’ coverage of San Diego events, and it was pleasant to see the lead article on “A Chorus Line” that day, I am at a loss to understand why we San Diegans should have to be denied the review of the Southland’s No. 1 operatic event of the season.

Please do not exclude San Diego from your excellent coverage of Los Angeles’ prime events. It seems ironic that we San Diegans should have to resort to our local papers (only) for any news of world-class events in Los Angeles.



San Diego

The “Tosca” review wasn’t left out intentionally, says Kathy Niezurawski, the San Diego Calendar editor. “It fell through the cracks. We’ll try to do better in the future.”