Benjamin Misses Flight, Beats Clippers to Cleveland

le the Clippers are still contemplating what to do about acquiring a third center, they flew here Thursday morning for tonight's game against the Cavaliers without one of their two current centers. Rookie Benoit Benjamin had overslept again.

Benjamin, however, had the last laugh, sort of. He ended up making it to Cleveland before the rest of the Clippers, who were delayed in Chicago.

Benjamin, who has failed to make two team flights this season, probably will have to pay for his slumber. "I plan on fining him again," Coach Don Chaney said. "I want to fine him more if I can get away with it."

This will be at least the fifth time Benjamin has been assessed for being late to practice, missing buses and missing flights.

Derek Smith, still hobbled by soreness in his left knee, will not play tonight. Smith is expected to join the Clippers Monday in Atlanta, the third stop on the Clippers' seven-game trip.

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