The Clippers Treated Walton With Kid Gloves

Scott Ostler's sickening, hero-worshipping article on Bill Walton frosted me. What a comment! "I stopped him and told him it was good to see him back, healthy, playing real basketball with a real team."

Had I stopped Walton, my comment would have been: "You should be ashamed of yourself for your efforts with the Clippers." The Clipper management treated him with kid gloves, accommodated all his aches and pains, paid him a ton of money and his best effort was to call Red Auerbach and see if he could become a Celtic.

To suggest the Clippers are not a "real team" is an insult. They may yet make the playoffs--but more importantly, each Clipper is giving it his best effort and they have won the hearts of lots of fans.

Sports reporting and Scott Ostler have reached a terrible low when only winners are recognized as a "real team."


Los Angeles

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