The Triumph of Achilles, Louise Gluck (Ecco)....

The Triumph of Achilles, Louise Gluck (Ecco). "The voice in (Louise) Gluck's poems reassures us that poetry isn't and never has been explanatory at heart, but can become a wonder of spirit and symbol, touching love, passion, loss and suffering without romanticizing those large subjects" (Holly Prado).

One Miracle at a Time: How to Get Help for Your Disabled Child, Irving R. Dickman with Sol Gordon Ph.D. (Simon & Schuster: $16.95) is "drawn mainly from questionnaires returned by more than 500 . . . parents of disabled children who had discovered or developed resources, skills, support groups and knowledge to find and utilize the agencies, institutions and laws that could help them. . . . With such help, small miracles are always possible" (Ann Morrisett Davidon).

Selected Letters of Charles Dickens, David Paroissien, ed. (Twayne). "The letters may not contain (Charles Dickens') most brilliant writing, but with the editor's knowledge and skill, this volume should satisfy for some time both the general reader and the specialist" (John Espey).

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