Traffic Out of Hand

I used to live in the Los Angeles area and periodically return to visit relatives and friends. I hate it . . . absolutely hate it! The traffic situation controls your life. There is no longer "rush hour" traffic; rush hours are all day! It never stops.

You do not know if a mere two-mile trip will take you 10 minutes or an hour and a half! There is no respect for you or your situation in a traffic jam . . . you are just stuck.

I would retreat to North County, almost smug, free from the festering, open sore that traffic congestion becomes. But it is changing . . . rapidly! Vista, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos, Carlsbad and San Diego are all congested. Now!

What does the future hold? Let's see:

1. San Diego County now has nine miles of stop-and-go traffic on its freeways. That will increase to 72 miles of stop-and-go traffic by the year 2000, just over 14 years away, according to a forecast by San Diego Assn. of Governments.

2. The forecast further stated, "The places we try to get to (beach, parks, golf courses) in the off-hours will be congested." By the year 2000, if you want to go to the beach, you might have to stand!

3. Half of Carlsad's major intersections will be "clogged," that is, more cars will come to the intersection than can possibly get through, according to a study by Fraser and Associates.

4. Escondido's traffic flow has increased 20% in just the last five years, and, according to police Sgt. Nick Ponce, "Traffic is reaching a saturation point." Escondido Mayor Ernie Cowen consoles us with, "Sure, it's congested, but it's not immovable." Gee, thanks a lot, Ernie.

Do you see what type of people are leading us? The negative effect our county and city governments have on our lives is appalling! Do you see where they are leading us? Don't you think governments should work toward providing safe and uncongested roads? Don't you think your voice should be heard? Do you care enough? Ask your neighbors what they think . . . people should control traffic, not the other way around!



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