'Shocking' Coverage

On March 16, the Los Angeles Times published another article concerning Kevin Forbes' proposal to make English the official language of San Marino. Not only do I find the issue disturbing but I am shocked that the proposal received the amount of media coverage that it did. The Asian community's size in our town does not pose such a threat to warrant such an action. I congratulate the San Marino City Council on its decision to reject Forbes' proposal and I hope it will not appear on the June 3 ballot.

The article repeatedly stressed Forbes' youth and the fact that he is a recent graduate of San Marino High School. While some students may support Forbes' proposal, many are trying to accept and adapt to the presence of the Asian students. I find it particularly ironic that the article appeared the day before San Marino High School's Cultural Awareness Week. The weeklong event, sponsored by the Associated Student Body, consisted of various lectures and panel discussions, as well as skits, concerning the interactions between Caucasians and Asians.

I regret that the rejection rather than acceptance of the Asians was publicized and I hope that in the future there will be no need for such animosity.

Kevin Connell

senior class president


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