Kaplan: Pro and Con

I read Sam Hall Kaplan’s column every week and, as a former Taliesin apprentice, agree with his point of view. I’m glad someone is taking on the local architectural Venice cabal.

However, in his list of Los Angeles designers, he omitted Harwell Hamilton Harris. He did some really fine work here in the late ‘30s and early ‘40s, which I’m sure you must be aware of. He should have been included.

Mr. Wright sent me out here to be in charge of getting the temporary gallery built to house the “50 Years of Living Architecture” exhibition, and I have been here ever since.

Kaplan’s column is a breath of fresh air, but I am sorry to see it in the real estate section. When it does appear in other sections, it appears to be reporting rather than an editorial, as with the Graves Whitney Museum addition. Too bad to miss such a target.



West Hollywood