Gudmundsson Signs With Lakers for Rest of Season

The Lakers signed Petur Gudmundsson, 7-foot 2-inch backup center, to a contract for the rest of the NBA season Monday. Gudmundsson had been playing on his second 10-day contract, and the Lakers had to sign him for the rest of the season and the playoffs or let him go.

Tonight, down to their next-to-last road game of the regular season, the Lakers will be looking for a sweep of their series with the Portland Trail Blazers when they play here at the Coliseum.

The Lakers are 5-0 against Portland, but they haven’t won all the games in a season series with the Trail Blazers since 1972-73.

Portland has won eight consecutive games at home and is close to locking up the No. 6 position in the playoffs, which means a first-round series with the Denver Nuggets, but the Trail Blazers haven’t had much success lately against the Lakers.

Counting playoff games, the Lakers have won six straight and 19 of 22 from the Trail Blazers.