Elizabeth Brown, (Letters, April 16) was right on target in reference to the expected courtesies at the gas stations! As a visitor, a woman traveling alone, from your northern neighboring state, I was appalled at the reactions I got from gas attendants when all I asked was a kindly, "Will you please clean my windshield?"

One attendant exclaimed, " Clean your windshield?" (I didn't ask him to cut off his arm!)

Buying a full tank of gas surely warrants a customer to expect an attendant to clear off the bug smear from the visual area of his vehicle! No? (Attendants please note: the thing called a "windshield" is that big piece of glass wrapped around the front of the driver just back of the engine!)

Remember when air in your tires was free? And attendants cheerfully filled the tires for you? Now you do it yourself after you deposit a coin! Coins activate the air deposit as you tend the tires. Human consideration for others is one of life's niceties we all miss. Too bad that so many of them are free, cost no more than a smile, and are so rare that we have to beg for them.

We mourn for the "nice"!


Cave Junction, Ore.

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