The Forecast Is for More of the Same

Times Staff Writer

The unvarying June weather pattern, with its late night and early morning low clouds that clear to afternoon sunshine, will again be on hand for the weekend.

According to National Weather Service forecaster Dan Atkin, the pressure system resting over the desert area is pulling the marine layer inland, resulting in the morning low clouds-afternoon sunshine weather pattern that has existed in San Diego since the last week of May and which will continue through this weekend.

This weather pattern is characterized by extremely warm temperatures in the desert areas, where highs are expected to reach 110 degrees over the weekend, and only partial afternoon clearing in the coastal areas.

"We're expecting basically more of the same, night and morning low clouds, with some minor fluctuation when the clouds clear up inland," Atkin said. "There will be some sunshine even along the beaches in the afternoon hours."

High temperatures inland will range from 76 to 84 degrees, with overnight lows expected to drop to 53- to 61-degree range.

Coastal areas should expect highs ranging from 68 to 73, with the overnight fog expected to bring temperatures down to the 59- to 64-degree range.

In the desert area, temperatures will remain very warm during the days, with highs ranging from 103 to 110, and overnight lows in the low 60s.

The mountain areas will remain fair and warm, with high temperatures expected to be between 75 and 83 degrees. Overnight lows will dip down to 48 degrees.

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