Burglar Sent Packing by 2 Enraged Elderly Sisters

Associated Press

The burglar who broke into a home here got nothing for his trouble except a punch from an angry 73-year-old and a blow with a metal dishpan from her 71-year-old sister.

"I wasn't afraid of him. He didn't want to hurt us, he just wanted money, nothing else," Clara Prince, 73, said.

DeLand police said a man broke into the bathroom window of the one-story home southwest of town while the sisters were on the other side of the house.

Prince said she was watching television in the living room Thursday when she heard a noise in the kitchen. She called to her sister and rushed to the room, where she surprised a man as he rummaged through a drawer.

She started swinging, she said. The man scrambled.

But at the front door, sister Almeta was waiting with the dishpan, which she liberally used, Clara Prince said of the Wednesday night incident.

The older sister said a small amount of cash was taken in a burglary last week and they were ready for any further invasions of their home.

No arrest was made and police say they have no suspects because the women were so excited about their exploit that they were unable to give a good description of the man.

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