West Covina : Hearing on Landfill Closure

The plan to permanently close the BKK landfill area where toxic waste was dumped will be discussed at 7:30 tonight at a public hearing conducted by the West Covina Transition/Waste Management Commission in the City Council chambers.

Officials from BKK Corp., the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, which must approve the closure plan, and other regional and state agencies that oversee the landfill will answer questions at the hearing.

The proposed plan outlines steps that BKK must take to control landfill gas and protect ground water. It would allow BKK to continue dumping municipal waste on top of the buried toxic waste until a certain elevation is reached, probably in two years. After the closure, BKK could shift dumping to a part of the landfill that does not contain toxics. BKK has agreed to end all dumping in 10 years.

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