While Rae Dawn Chong is co-starring in the current hit “Soul Man,” Tommy Chong called us to boast about his other actress-daughter, Robbi Lynn Chong. A fashion model working out of Paris (she’s got three pages in the current Vogue), where she shares digs with Dale Robertson’s daughter Rochelle, Robbi’s just landed her first star role--a terrorist--in a French thriller called “Public Security.”

“She’s two years younger than Rae Dawn (who’s 25), darker, classically put together, a very beautiful girl and very talented,” bragged Dad.

Meanwhile, a third daughter, named Precious, 18--”blond, blue-eyed and also very beautiful”--is studying English Lit at England’s University of Birmingham, and getting A’s.


Asked where his daughters, all from different mothers, get their looks, Chong said, “It must be me!”

He added: “The tougher question is, where do they get their brains?”