John Drew, Ex-NBA Star, Free on Bond After Another Drug-Related Arrest

Associated Press

Former National Basketball Assn. All-Star John Drew, banned from the league for repeated drug problems, was free on $1,000 bond Tuesday after his second drug-related arrest in fewer than three months.

Atlanta police spokesman Kevin Forier said that Drew, 32, was one of 33 people arrested last Friday night at a "known drug location" in southeast Atlanta. Drew was charged with one count of criminal solicitation for the purchase of cocaine.

Forier said Drew attempted to buy cocaine from an undercover police officer.

He said Drew is free on $1,000 bond and has a trial scheduled for Jan. 16.

Drew was arrested in Fulton County on Oct. 2 on two counts of selling cocaine and one count of possessing the drug.

In January, the NBA banned Drew after he entered a hospital in Salt Lake City. The league said that constituted Drew's third entry into a drug treatment center, which under NBA policy required him to be banned from the league.

The ban is for life but is reviewable after two years.

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