Tower Commission Report on Iran-Contra Scandal

The decision-making process in the White House under Reagan is flawed. The Tower Commission report makes this clear.

The Iran- contra mess is serious, but even more serious--and frightening--questions now arise about past and future decisions by this Administration.

1--How can we trust this White House to make intelligent choices about the development and deployment of the Strategic Defense Initiative? How much information on both sides will be fed to the President?

2--How did the decision to continue atomic testing come about? What information was allowed to reach Reagan and how was the decision made?

3--Most frightening of all, what would happen if our government had to make a decision about dropping an atomic bomb? Would the button be pushed as casually as the arms were sent to Iran? Ironically, we wouldn't be here to ask who made this decision and if he remembered when he made it!

I do not have any confidence that President Reagan will be able or willing to answer these important questions.


La Jolla

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