On the outside, Caulfield's story on casting and showcases seems to be another rehash of the old "Gee, actors have a rough time and are being robbed of their dignity as well as their cash." But it's true!

Trying to see a casting director without paying for the privilege is like seeing the President without an appointment. As with all things that are wrought with injustice, first we are shocked, then we make jokes, then we accept.

How about bringing back the good old apprentice program in the major studios? Or showcases set in one of the unused buildings on the lot? The casting directors (except independents) could have a little lunch sent over from the commissary and, with very little effort, do the job they are paid to do: See actors!

On the other hand, the Casting Society of America has a very good point when complaining that they should have their own Oscar category.

I am a member of the Caterer's Society of America and last week we awarded our top honor: best lunch served on location--Chef Ed Fontob ("Platoon"). Not even a mention in Army Archerd's column.

This is a thankless business.


West Hollywood

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