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"Platoon" director Oliver Stone says he's confronting "enormous paranoia" from many New York brokerage firms as he seeks locations for "Wall St.," which he starts filming next month. "There's sensitivity in the air because of what's going on in the news," Stone told The Times. "They're scared of the film." Stone, who co-wrote the screenplay with Stanley Weiser "even before the (Ivan) Boesky thing hit," tried to stay away from the ongoing insider-trading scandal. "We're presenting a very balanced look," he said. "We're not emphasizing greed and corruption." Stone, nominated in several Oscar categories for "Platoon" and "Salvador," said he's getting "some cooperation" from firms and plans to use "a lot of authentic brokers playing themselves" in the movie, which stars Michael Douglas, Martin and Charlie Sheen and Darryl Hannah.

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