Broncos to Get Increased TV Exposure Next Season

Associated Press

The Denver Broncos will have more national television exposure during the preseason and regular season this fall than at any time in their 28-year history.

The AFC champions will be seen in at least two preseason games, with the dates of both games being changed to accommodate national TV.

The Broncos' first home game this summer will be Monday night, Aug. 24, against the Miami Dolphins at Mile High Stadium. ABC will televise the game, which originally was scheduled for two days earlier.

The team's second and last home exhibition game--against Minnesota--has been moved to Thursday night, Sept. 3, so ESPN can televise it. That game had been scheduled for the following evening.

Denver could make a third national appearance in the preseason--on Aug. 9--if a proposed game in London against the Los Angeles Rams materializes. NBC would televise that game.

An ABC source said the Broncos probably will be featured on three Monday night games during the regular season, including one against the Chicago Bears in Denver. ESPN, which will have eight Sunday night telecasts late in the season, probably will feature Denver on at least one of its games.

Denver's high TV profile of last season also will ensure even more national exposure on Sundays and Saturdays on NBC and CBS.

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