Property Rights and First Baptist Church

I am writing in regard to the plans for a new 10-screen cinema on the southwest corner of Louise Street and Wilson Avenue. Am I correct in saying that the property in question is owned by the First Baptist Church of Glendale, but under the powers of eminent domain the City of Glendale has the right to determine the ultimate use of the property?

This does not seem fair. I think the church should be able to put their people of senior age into a housing unit there. I do not belong to this church, but it would seem a shame if the people of this church would have to live somewhere else, not close to the church that they attend.

It seems to me that everyone is thinking in terms of money, money, money these days. Where are our values? I remember when Glendale used to be a real nice city. Now it is getting too closed in. There is no parking and traffic is getting worse each day. Before long we won't be able to see the sky for the buildings.

I know that we cannot keep things as they once were, but too much progress is for the birds.



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