Village System in Laguna Beach

I just cannot let anymore time go by without expressing my gratitude for living in Laguna Beach: a place where an ordinary citizen, without benefit of expensive lawyers, can express a concern and have it heard and acted upon in his favor.

Thus was our case as we fought to keep our small cul-de-sac on Nyes Place. It is quiet and peaceful and, yes, in character with the architecture and feeling of the “Laguna Village” atmosphere.

Thanks to our system of public forums, we were able to prevent a large modern commercial building, with underground parking for 40 cars, from being built on our small residential street. I might add that this proposed building was to destroy and replace one of Laguna’s historical structures.

Thank-you to our caring and hard working Design Review Board and City Council. These very dedicated people put in untold hours so the citizens of Laguna Beach may have the kind of quality of life that is so rare in a megalopolis such as our Los Angeles area.



Laguna Beach