Concession Stands Offer Few Bargains

Going out to the ballgame to root, root, root for the home team usually means buying some peanuts and Cracker Jack.

Not to mention hot dogs.

And soft drinks.

And beer.

The usual ballpark fare.

It all adds up, and it's difficult to compare the prices from event to event because most offer the same things at about the same prices.

But there are exceptions.

Ascot Park, for instance, offers a soft drink for 25 cents, the lowest price in town, and also offers a "junior" hot dog for 75 cents.

On the high end, the Country Club in Reseda offers a New York steak, French fries and cole slaw for $9.95 at its monthly boxing shows, and the horse race tracks offer a wide variety of choices, including Mexican food, fish and chips and shrimp cocktails.

As Doug Stokes, a spokesman for the group that put on last month's Mickey Thompson Off-Road Championship Gran Prix at the Rose Bowl, said of some of the prices: "You've got to take a bank loan to eat at some of these events."

Or you can have a hot dog.

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