Compton : Robbins Victory Upheld

Businessman Richard Bonner picked up five more votes in a recount of last week's Compton City Council election, but still lost by 30 votes to incumbent Councilwoman Jane D. Robbins, City Clerk Charles Davis said.

On Monday, Bonner filed a complaint charging that Robbins violated state election law by signing a city-financed mailing that went to about 20,000 households only a few days before the June 2 runoff.

The mailing, which invited residents to take part in the city's yearlong 100th birthday celebration, was signed by Robbins as Centennial chairwoman. Although the material didn't solicit votes or mention the election, Bonner said it unfairly allowed Robbins to place her name before the voters at city expense on the eve of balloting.

Bonner said he sent copies of his complaint to Davis, the Los Angeles district attorney and the state Fair Political Practices Commission.

Only 9.7% of the registered voters turned out for the election, one of the lowest totals in city history.

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