The Region : Deputy Shoots 2 Pit Bulls

A sheriff's deputy shot two pit bulls in Lynwood that were trying to attack a 60-year-old man. One of the attacking dogs was killed and the other wounded. The Lynwood man has been trying to drag his pet dog from the grasp of the pit bulls, which were roaming loose and had killed a cat a few blocks away. Sheriff's Sgt. Lynda Edmonds said that Deputy Richard Pfeiffer, responding to a call from area residents, located the dogs and was holding them at bay. The two pit bulls saw Juan Calacin approach with his dog and attacked the pet. When Calacin tried to grab his dog from their jaws, they turned on him. Pfeiffer then shot the dogs. Edmonds said that deputies were looking for the dogs' owner, who could be charged with leash-law violations and possibly ordered to pay for treatment of Calacin's dog, which suffered minor wounds.

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