Bradley Aide Fran Savitch Heading for Private Sector

Longtime Tom Bradley associate Fran Savitch, who's telling friends she got an offer she couldn't refuse, leaves City Hall next month.

Savitch will become partners with public relations executive Hope Boonshaft-Lewis in a firm that will expand from public and community relations to include government affairs.

As she is telling friends, Savitch--who has been in the mayor's office since Bradley was elected in 1973--had been thinking for some time about moving into the private sector when the offer came from Boonshaft-Lewis.

She's made it clear, Savitch said, to the mayor and his close supporters that she would still be involved in supporting Bradley.

"I feel that Tom Bradley ought to be elected and will be re-elected," she said. "And I will be in a position in the private sector to help the mayor even more."

Savitch has been Bradley's liaison to the Community Redevelopment Agency and to the Department of Airports, as well as being part of an inner circle that includes attorney Paul Ziffren, Nelson Reising, attorney Sam Williams and Phil Depoian.

Although the Boonshaft-Lewis firm is based in Century City, it represents several downtown agencies, such as Project Concern and the Grand Central Market, and Savitch will open a downtown office in the next few months. As they say in the real estate ads, "City Hall Adjacent."

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