Paul Gann's Crusade Against AIDS

I can't express how much I admire Paul Gann and the Fairbanks article.

He has become my hero, and it has been a long time since such heroes have appeared in our society. He expresses exactly the way I have felt. Every time I hear the moans about anonymity by AIDS victims, I have felt such great fear over the "death sentence" they are imposing on the partners they chose to "love," that I cannot understand any sort of justification for their selfishness.

I believe Gann is right on in his campaign for complete openness in fighting this dreadful plague. If it is not controlled, there is a chance it will do more destruction than any war or atomic bomb. It's sneaky and insidious. If it continues to be hidden and swept under the rug it will surely rise like the terrible monster it is.


San Diego

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