Governor Names UC Regent

From a Times Staff Writer

Gov. George Deukmejian on Thursday appointed Meredith J. Khachigian of San Clemente, wife of one of his most trusted political advisers, to the University of California Board of Regents.

A Republican, Khachigian will fill the unexpired term of David Geffen of Beverly Hills, who resigned, and be eligible for reappointment in 1990. Her appointment to the prestigious post is subject to Senate confirmation.

Her husband, Ken Khachigian, is a longtime volunteer political adviser to Deukmejian and has served as a speech writer both for the governor and President Reagan. He also is chief strategist for the governor’s recently organized national political committee, called Citizens for Common Sense.


Meredith Khachigian, a 1966 graduate of UC Santa Barbara, is a member of the state commission that is updating the state’s 1960 Master Plan for Higher Education. She also is a member of the Board of Trustees of the UC Irvine Foundation.