Westlake's First Protest : Wrong Rally Greets Wilson

Times Staff Writer

A speech by U.S. Sen. Pete Wilson (R-Calif.) in Westlake Village drew about 30 demonstrators Monday in what was said to be the affluent eastern Ventura County community's first political protest.

Demonstrators carried signs objecting to U.S. support for the contras, as well as to President Reagan's nomination of Robert H. Bork to the Supreme Court.

"Our involvement in Nicaragua is contrary to majority opinion in this country," said Jeanne Hopson, a Simi Valley protester. "It's Nicaragua's problem, not ours. Our problems are things like education and the homeless."

Terri Grando, president of the Conejo Valley Democratic Club, said the demonstration was probably the first in the predominantly conservative area.

"Most of us here are a bit more conservative than liberal, but conservatives also care about our lives and our freedom," Grando said.

In his speech to area business and political leaders, Wilson called for continued military aid to the contras in Nicaragua and said he doubts that a peace proposal recently forwarded by countries in the region will bring any substantial changes in Nicaragua's ruling Sandinista government.

"The Sandinistas have for seven years used negotiations very skillfully to buy time," Wilson said. "I think that they have no intention in the world of really democratizing Nicaragua."

On another topic, Wilson said he will push for passage of a bill that would give auto makers tax incentives to begin producing cars that run on ethanol and methanol as a means to reduce air pollution.

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