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An escaped triple murderer from New Mexico state prison pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles federal court to charges that he abducted an Arizona family at gunpoint, forced them to drive him to Barstow, left the parents and two of their children bound and gagged in a motel room and took their 11-year-old daughter to Garden Grove, where he molested her. James Neal Kinslow, 27, is one of seven inmates who escaped in Santa Fe last July 4. He allegedly kidnaped the William Blades family in Flagstaff on July 29. The girl was found later, wandering the streets with a blanket. Kinslow and two of the other escapees were arrested at a trailer park. Kinslow had been serving a life sentence for killing a 38-year-old woman and her two daughters. He escaped earlier from a Wyoming prison but was recaptured. U.S. District Judge Manuel Real set Sept. 22 for his trial on 11 counts involving the abduction of the Blades family.

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