Long, Pickel Walk Back Into Camp, but This Time They Decide to Stay


Howie Long and Bill Pickel, who walked in and out of Raider camp last Friday, were back Tuesday and this time they stayed in.

The strikebreaking Raiders had the day off, but Long and Pickel worked out with Earl Leggett, defensive line coach.

When approached by an Associated Press reporter, Long said: “I did this (talked to reporters) last Friday, it’s Bill’s turn.”


Pickel had no comment.

Long and Pickel were the first Raider starters to report since the strike began two weeks ago. Backup quarterback Marc Wilson came in immediately, followed by halfbacks Ethan Horton and Rob Harrison, guard Bruce Wilkerson, linebacker Jamie Kimmel and five players on injured reserve--Mickey Marvin, Chris Riehm, Curt Marsh, Shelby Jordan and Joe Cormier.

“(Long and Pickel) are here and they’ll be a part of the team at practice (today),” Raider Coach Tom Flores said. “We’re glad they’re back and as we prepare for the Broncos, they’re a part of our preparations.”