Ramos Snaps Starks’ Streak With Decision

Times Staff Writer

Alex Ramos, making his first appearance as a junior middleweight, won a unanimous 10-round decision over Rod Starks Thursday night in the main event at the Irvine Marriott in front of 1,100.

Ramos, who was the middleweight on the 1980 Olympic team, ended the five-fight win streak of Starks, who was making his first appearance in a main event. Ramos is 28-5-2 and Starks is 10-5.

There was little action in the fight, and many of the rounds were fought in the center of the ring, with neither fighter landing many punches.

Ramos, of New York City, opened a cut over Starks’ eye in the first round with what Ramos said was a strong right hand. Starks said it came as a result of a butt.


“He hit me low throughout the fight, and he got me with a couple of head butts,” said Starks, of Huntington Beach. “The low blows really didn’t hurt me, but they did slow me down some.”

Ramos did lose a point for a low blow in the seventh round, which was by far the most eventful of the fight.

Ramos lost the point for the low punch 30 seconds into the round but came back with a series of combinations, then a solid right uppercut that hurt Starks.

But Starks was able to get off the ropes and returned one of his few strong series of punches in the 10 rounds.


“He was in good shape and the kid hung in there,” Ramos said about Starks. “He was trying to make a name for himself by beating me, but I was able to keep him away with my jab.”