Mira’s Lawyer Will Seek Restraining Order That Would Allow Linebacker to Practice

Associated Press

The lawyer for suspended University of Miami linebacker George Mira Jr., said he will seek a temporary restraining order today that would permit Mira to practice for the Orange Bowl against Oklahoma Jan. 1.

W. Sam Holland told the Associated Press Friday night that he hoped to obtain the restraining order in time for Mira to participate when the Hurricanes resume practice today. Mira and tackle John O’Neill were suspended after failing an National Collegiate Athletic Assn.-administered drug test.

He also said he would ask the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit to schedule a final hearing for next Thursday, the day before No. 2 Miami and No. 1 Oklahoma play for the national championship.

“I think the judge will grant the temporary restraining order because we’re not seeking anything more than George’s being able to practice,” Holland said. “The final hearing is another question. At that time, we’ll ask the court to enjoin the NCAA and Miami from preventing George from playing in the game.”


Holland said he would not seek the final hearing until Thursday so that “he can practice all week, give us time to assimilate our facts and also give Miami and the NCAA time to prepare a defense.”

It was not known if O’Neill also planned legal action.