Spirit That Once Made Raiders Intimidating Gone With the Judge

Remember back in the good ol' days when Raider players called their opponents much worse than sissies.

While it is true that Lester Hayes did not play a single down during the 1987 season, Hayes still remains one of the few members on the roster who exemplifies the true spirit of the real Raiders. Those were the guys who not too long ago got a charge out of tactics like that and dared anyone to say or do something about it.

Speaking of sissies, that's a name that seems pretty appropriate for that group of losers who wore silver and black with no pride at all during the 1987 season.

As for Mr. Hayes, more power to him, and to his efforts to bring silver and blackism back to the intimidating level it was once looked upon. As for the rest of these 5-10 underachieving sissies, go back to Oakland.



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