Parking Woes in Pacific Palisades

That "a new parking structure is still three or four years away" is more disturbing than the differences between those affected and concerned as how to deal with the frustrations of limited parking in Pacific Palisades Village (Dec. 20). There is no argument that the answer is more parking space. But we bog down continuously in debate and more study instead of pushing for consensus and action.

We have a problem, and, if I can paraphrase Pogo's saying, the problem we face is us.

The answers are to be found in building more spaces below and above existing lots; a shuttle service, especially from areas beyond walking distance; consideration of utilizing non-recreational empty spaces such as school yards after the close of the school day; more garage space in the building and rebuilding of homes or conversions to apartments or condos. In too many instances garages are converted to workshops and cars are parked on streets along with recreational vans and, at times, boats.

Lastly, I agree with Claire Rogger's comment about when "dealing with city government, nothing is quick." That situation needs to be corrected. The City Council has the power to do just that--and must!


Pacific Palisades

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