PRO FOOTBALL: THE PLAYOFFS : Despite the Loss, Dickerson Considers the Season a Success

A memorable game it wasn't for Eric Dickerson. He gained only 50 yards in 15 carries and was on the losing end of a 38-21 AFC Divisional game against the Cleveland Browns.

But despite the loss, Dickerson said he considers the season a success. For his new team, the Indianapolis Colts. And for himself.

"I did very well for myself," said Dickerson, who was traded from the Rams in a messy mid-season contract squabble. "I think everybody wonders if a player can switch teams and do well. I switched teams and I did very well, which shows the type of player I am."

Dickerson is headed to the Pro Bowl again and finished second to the Rams' Charles White for the National Football League rushing title. Yet, he said there were those who questioned his talent after the trade.

"You know how people talk," he said. "I think a lot of people doubted it. I think a lot of people said that if I couldn't play behind the Rams offensive line, I couldn't do anything. But I had, what, 1,100 yards (actually, 1,011), in nine football games (with the Colts; 1,288 total). To me, that's almost going on 2,000 yards. If I had played 16. . . ."

Can he do more with the Colt offensive line?

"I think I can do more with this offense," he said. "I think this offense is more wide open. This offense is most definitely better than the one we had there."

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