A Golf Tip Too Good to Ignore

Bob Toski, the noted teaching pro, told Gordon White of the New York Times the one about the duffer who came to the 17th hole with only two balls left, an old one and a new one.

He was undecided which ball to use on the hole, which called for a drive over water, when he heard a voice boom out of the heavens: “Play . . . the . . . new . . . ball.”

He teed up the ball and was about to take his stance when he again heard the voice from above: “Take . . . a . . . practice . . . swing.”

He stepped away and took a practice swing. No sooner had he finished than the voice boomed again: “Play . . . the . . . old . . . ball.”


Wait a Minute: “Doug Williams has never been much of a scrambler,” John Madden said Sunday.

In 1980 at Tampa Bay, Williams led all NFL quarterbacks in rushing with 370 yards. He averaged 6.4 yards per carry.

Add Williams: His favorite sports growing up in Louisiana were basketball and baseball, and his biggest idol was LSU’s Pete Maravich.

When informed of Maravich’s death, Williams told the Boston Globe: “That scares me to death. It shows that you’ve got to value every day.”


Trivia Time: In Pittsburgh’s 21-17 win over Dallas in the 1976 Super Bowl, what was the significance of the 34-yard touchdown pass Dallas receiver Percy Howard caught from Roger Staubach? (Answer below.)

For What It’s Worth: Chicago Coach Mike Ditka, who said Washington’s Dexter Manley “has an IQ lower than a grapefruit,” never graduated from the University of Pittsburgh.

Another non-graduate is Denver Coach Dan Reeves, who went to South Carolina. All of which would indicate you don’t need a degree to get to the Super Bowl.

Add Denver: The Broncos took a 39-20 beating from the New York Giants in the last Super Bowl, but Giant guard Billy Ard picks them this time around.

“I’m not going to bet against John Elway,” he said. “He’s by far the best quarterback in the NFL. I like the whole Washington team better, but I like Elway a lot.”

Add Forgettable Quotes: Said Sports Illustrated after the deal in which San Antonio got Frank Brickowski, Peter Gudmundsson, two draft choices and cash from the Lakers for Mychal Thompson: “Gudmundsson (back troubles) may never play again. Brickowski never could play.”

In San Antonio’s 121-120 loss to Portland Saturday night, Gudmundsson started at center and Brickowski at one of the forwards. Brickowski scored 21 points.

Trivia Answer: The catch by Howard, a wide receiver from Austin Peay, was the only one of his NFL career.



Bernie Lincicome of the Chicago Tribune, on William (The Refrigerator) Perry: “William Perry is a meal away from becoming a pigeon’s best friend.”