THE PREPS : Shadid Decides It's Time to Resign at Bolsa Grande

Greg Shadid, who led the Bolsa Grande High School football team to the Central Conference championship in 1986, resigned Wednesday as coach, saying the time had come to "try and advance some of my future needs."

Shadid, 35, has been a coach at Bolsa Grande for nine years, the past six as head coach. He led the Matadors to four playoff berths and a 1986 Central Conference championship victory (24-7) over Valencia.

Bolsa Grande was ranked No. 1 in Orange County for much of the 1987 football season and for a time had the Southern Section's longest winning streak at 20 games. But the use of an academically ineligible player caused the forfeiture of five victories.

The Matadors eventually lost to Saddleback, 36-33, in the Central Conference quarterfinals.

"I know this comes at a funny time," Shadid said. "But I don't want people to think I'm resigning because of the forfeits. I've thought about this for a long time. I thought about it after we won the the championship. But I finally decided I wanted to see this year's senior class through."

Shadid compiled a 34-34 record at Bolsa Grande.

Shadid, who will continue to teach U.S. history at Bolsa Grande, said he reached the decision during Christmas vacation. He said he is interested in coaching on a "higher level" and mentioned the possibility of a community college. Shadid was a graduate assistant for a season at Western New Mexico University.

"I don't want to get out of football," he said. "But I felt things were starting to get stagnant at Bolsa Grande. I'll probably send out some resumes and feelers and see what comes of that."

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