Bregel Charges Police With Brutality During the Arrest of Three 49ers

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Associated Press

San Francisco 49er guard Jeff Bregel, one of three players arrested last weekend in a scuffle with sheriff’s deputies, has accused arresting officers of unnecessary roughness.

“I don’t know if they knew we were 49ers, but they could have handled my situation with a lot more etiquette,” the 280-pound Bregel said.

Bregel, a former USC star who was a rookie with the 49ers last season, spent Saturday morning in Santa Clara County jail with teammates Kevin Fagan, a 260-pound defensive tackle, and Paul O’Connor, a 260-pound free-agent offensive lineman.


Bregel was arrested early Saturday for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol and resisting arrest. Fagan was booked for investigation of misdemeanor battery on a police officer. O’Connor was arrested for investigation of resisting arrest.

The players had been participating in the 49ers’ mini-camp at the team’s new practice facility in Santa Clara.

“All of a sudden there are five (deputies) around me,” said Bregel. “There were two guys on each leg, and they basically just picked me up and body-slammed me on my face.”

Sheriff’s Lt. Bob Stith denied any brutality.

He said that the arrests were made after a deputy had spotted a car suddenly switch from the left-turn lane and drive across three lanes of traffic into the parking lot of a store.

He said that the deputy saw someone handing beers to a passenger and that the deputy detected the smell of alcohol when he spoke with Bregel.

When the deputy asked Bregel to step out of the vehicle for a field sobriety test, the situation got ugly, Stith said, adding that Bregel complied but was “very hostile” and shouted obscenities.


“I don’t think I shouted obscenities,” Bregel said. “I was dismayed over their giving me this test.”

Bregel added that he wanted to “explain the whole situation” to Coach Bill Walsh.

“We weren’t tearing up the town,” Bregel said. “We had a couple of drinks, and all this happened and one thing led to another.”