Elderly at High Risk in Clothing Fires

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United Press International

Older Americans are twice as likely to be killed by fires as the rest of the population and also tend to be at particular risk for clothing fires, says the American Association of Retired Persons.

The AARP cites a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission study which showed more than 90% of clothing fire deaths occurred in people age 50 or older.

The AARP suggests these shopping tips:

--Choose garments made of flame-resistant fibers (tight-weave, tight-knit, non-fuzzy).

--Fabrics labeled flame resistant are fabrics made to resist ignition and burning, but they won’t protect you from burn injury if you are caught in a fire or reach into a hot fireplace or oven.


--Clothes that hand loosely or float away from the body are more likely to catch fire. Close-fitting clothes are safer.

--Clothes that are easily removed can help prevent serious burns.