Mark McGwire Is One Big Boy

At 6-feet 2-inches and 190 pounds, Neil Allen of the New York Yankees is not small, but Mark McGwire of the Oakland A’s is 6-5, 225.

After Allen beaned McGwire Saturday, the Oakland first baseman charged the mound.

Said Allen afterward: “I was just trying to figure out where I was going when his body got there.”

And what was he thinking?


“No mas,” Allen said.

Wait a Minute: From United Press International: “ALBUQUERQUE--Steve Loop kicked four field goals Saturday night to lead a rampaging Fresno State to a 68-21 win over New Mexico.”

Just think, if he had missed them, it only would have been 56-21.

It-had-to-happen dept.: No sooner had CBS analyst Terry Bradshaw endorsed Lindy Infante’s decision to stick with Randy Wright as the Green Bay quarterback than Jerry Gray picked one off to give the Rams a 31-0 lead.


Said Bradshaw: “There’s nothing to do now but to sit him down.”

Trivia Time: What four quarterbacks have started for both winning and losing teams in the Super Bowl? (Answer below.)

70 Years Ago Today: On Sept. 5, 1918, Babe Ruth pitched a six-hitter as the Boston Red Sox beat the Chicago Cubs, 1-0, in the opening game of the World Series. The Series started early due to World War I. Ruth was 2-0 with a 1.06 ERA as the Red Sox won in six games.

Said Earl Morris when asked if it would be difficult watching sons Joe of the New York Giants and Jamie of the Washington Redskins playing against each other tonight: “No problem. An overtime tie would be OK.”


Add Redskins: Doug Williams, asked about the Jay Schroeder situation, told the New York Times: “I don’t know if I was second team and making $1 million how I’d feel. I think I’d act a hell of a lot different. I’d ask the coach if I could shine his shoes.”

Veteran Keith Hernandez and rookie Gregg Jefferies of the New York Mets both played in the Joe DiMaggio League in Millbrae, Calif., under Tony Santora, who grew up with DiMaggio in San Francisco.

Santora, 74, told the New York Times: “When I was 15, we were playing for Sunset Produce. We played at Fort McDowell, on the island behind Alcatraz. The first time up, Joe hit one over the tennis court behind left field. The second time up he hit one over the center-field fence. Joe could hit.”

College football coaches are called upon to vote on No. 1 teams and All-American teams, but Bernie Lincicome of the Chicago Tribune, a suspicious sort, thinks it goes something like this:


"(Phone rings) Hello, sports information department here.”

“That you, Scoop? This is Coach.”

“Yes, Coach, what is it?”

“What team did I vote for this week?”



“Who did I pick for my All-Americans? “

“I haven’t made up your mind yet”

“Let me know. I gotta go wash my whistle.”


Trivia Answer: Len Dawson (Kansas City), Bob Griese (Miami), Roger Staubach (Dallas), Joe Theismann (Washington).


Second baseman Steve Sax of the Dodgers, asked about the deliberate style of Ramon Martinez on the mound: “I’m thinking about pitching a tent out there.”