Those Snooty Shows

Regarding Howard Veit's refusal to "subsidize the British theatrical trade unions" by becoming a subscriber to KCET (Letters, Sept. 25), here are a few facts:

Programming on KCET that originates in Britain makes up only about 15% of the television schedule. Last week, specifically, the total was 14% across daytime, late-night and prime-time hours. And the most noteworthy of these programs, namely "Masterpiece Theatre" and "Mystery," are not costing Veit a dime; they are paid for entirely by the Mobil Corp.

Concerning mainstream music, Mr. Veit, in October alone we've got "The All Night Strut!" "The Temptations Live in Concert" and "Austin City Limits" every Saturday night. And not a pledge drive in sight!


Director of Public Information


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