For many years things have bothered me about pollution, smog, the poisoning of our streams, lakes, oceans, etc., but I have just put those things in the back of my mind--until now there is no more room to put anything else in that space, and when I read your timely article "EPA Moves to Ban New Sources of Smog in L.A. Area" (Metro, Aug. 30), I decided, for the first time to write a letter. Prior to this time, I knew that it would do no good whatsoever to write a letter--not that I have a defeatest attitude--but that the powers that be, in city, state and federal government, just do not give a damn about pollution! For many years they have not only done nothing, but have encouraged this poisoning of all nature, and in turn all animals and persons.

One of my pet peeves is the blatant use of diesel trucks belching great clouds of "smog cloud" into the air. That is just one of many ways the air is being poisoned--and I repeat the three levels of government are very happy and contented with this practice. No one could possibly convince me otherwise.


Woodland Hills

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