Arts Center Lists Moscow Ballet Casts


The Orange County Performing Arts Center has announced casting for the remaining Moscow Classical Ballet performances this week.

In tonight’s program of divertissements, the program and dancers are as follows:

“Swan Lake,” Act II: Vera Timashova as Odette, Alexander Gorbatsevich as Siegfried and Rinat Givatulin as von Rothbart.

Pas de deux from “La Sylphide”: Galina Skuratova and Igor Terentyeva. “Classical Pas de Deux”: Tatiana Poly and Stanislav Isayev. Act V pas de deux from “Don Quixote”: Tatiana Terekhova and Ilgiz Galimullin, with Tatiana Nebosova and Olga Kliapovskaya.


Codas from various pas de deux: “Le Corsaire,” with Galina Chaliapina and Aidar Akhmetov; Fyodor Lopuhkov’s “Harlequinade,” with Svetlana Kubasova and Andre Kudelin; “Black Swan,” from “Swan Lake,” with Vera Timashova and Vladimir Malakhov; the “Carnival in Venice” excerpt from Petipa’s “Satanilla,” with Ludmilla Vasilyeva and Valery Trofinchuk; “Classical Pas de Deux,” with Paly and Vladimir Malakhov; “Diana and Acteon,” with Terekhova and Galimullin.

The “Adam and Eve” section from “Creation of the World,” with Isayev as Adam, Chaliapina as Eve, Andrei Kudelin as God, Trofinchuk as the Devil and Natalia Stavro as the She-Devil.

In Thursday’s program, “The Flames of Paris” pas de deux replaces “Classical Pas de Deux,” with the same dancers. Thursday cast changes are as follows:

Chaliapina as Odette and Isayev as Prince Siegfried in “Swan Lake,” Act II. Isayev and Chaliapina will dance the “Le Corsaire” pas de deux. Timashova and Gorbatsevich will dance the “Black Swan” pas de deux.

In “Adam and Eve,” Adam is portrayed by Malakhov, Eve by Valeria Tsoi, the Devil by Nikolai Tikhomirov and the She-Devil by Timashova.

On Friday and Saturday nights, “Romeo and Juliet” will have the following casting: Isayev as Romeo; Chaliapina as Juliet; Malakhov as Mercutio; Nina Osipyan as Benvolio; Galimullin as Tybalt and Ludmilla Menshova as the Nurse.


In the Saturday and Sunday matinees, the title roles will be taken by Gorbatsevich and Timashova.