Cone Ends His Stint as Columnist With an Apology

Associated Press

David Cone, the New York Mets’ pitcher whose hard-hitting newspaper column produced a similar effect from the bats of the Dodgers, ended his career in “tabloid journalism” today with an apology after three stories.

In today’s New York Daily News, Cone said that staff writer Bob Klapisch “was responsible for putting my thoughts in print.” Cone said that controversial remarks made about Dodger pitchers Orel Hershiser and Jay Howell that appeared in his column Wednesday were said in jest and charged that Klapisch “failed to pick up on this feeble attempt at humor.”

The Mets’ right-hander, who lasted only two innings in Game 2 Wednesday night, paid tribute to Howell in today’s column, calling him an “outstanding competitor.” In Wednesday’s column, Cone likened Howell to a “high school pitcher.”

Cone apologized to the Dodgers, his family and his teammates “for being naive and trying to be funny.”


“Guess the joke’s on me,” he wrote.