Effects of a Bicycle-Pedestrian Path Proposed at Aliso Creek Golf Course

To the best of my knowledge, the Aliso Creek Inn/golf course complex, the water treatment plant and the parking lot just north of the Coast Highway are the only established developments in the proposed regional park. Being a "hacker" from Newport Beach, I particularly enjoy the beauty and character of the golf course and wish to take serious exception to the part of the plan that truncates it in order to provide a bicycle path along the western side through to the beach.

Information supplied by the course management gives an average number of rounds as 250 per day. During 1987 the course was rained out only one complete day with several scattered closed hours on other days, thus allowing play for 363 days; 250 rounds times 363 days gives an attendance of 90,750 per year, or 1,745 per week. I would guess that the bicyclists' use of their path might be as high as 15 per workday and a maximum of 200 for Saturday and Sunday combined. This gives a total weekly usage of only 260.

My conclusion is that the golf course be left as it is now and that a turnaround rest stop be provided somewhere north of the water treatment plant.


Newport Beach

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