Last-Minute Shopper

Compiled by the Fashion88 staff

Kitty Dukakis apparently didn't have the perfect outfit to wear to the debate Thursday night, so her friend Susan Goodson called the Fred Hayman Giorgio shop in Beverly Hills. The shop's Marguerite Shaefer sent four Size 8 outfits to the Bonaventure Hotel, where Dukakis was staying. In the package were a Giorgio private-label red knit dress with gold buttons, a purple Karl Lagerfeld dress, a blue Patrick Kelly suit and a black-and-white Bernard Perris dress. Dukakis said she liked the Giorgio-label red knit, and asked Shaefer to come to the hotel Wednesday afternoon with a tailor to have it fitted.

No Cold Shoulder Here

Suzy Chaffee, Olympic ski star and three-time world freestyle champion, looked sensational in a Krizia silk suit (long navy jacket, white knee-length skirt) while stumping for George Bush the other day during Mrs. Bush's visit to Universal Studios. It wasn't cold enough for Chaffee to wear one of her new products, Suzy Chaffee Sport Furs, which are nutria fur-lined jackets suitable for slaloms, schusses and anything else one does on the slopes. Chaffee told Listen she got "deathly ill with hypothermia while filming 'Fire and Ice' in sub-zero conditions, so she dreamed up the fur-lined ski jacket that keeps you cozy no matter what." She even gave us a brochure, in which she models her new designs, and in which she claims that she got her idea from the Eskimos, "who wear fur-lined jackets for survival." Chaffee wore her hair Suzanne Somers style, in a high ponytail that tilted off to one side of her head.

A Bead on the Market

Jeran's glitter-meisters, Randy McLaughlin and Jerry Skeels, who supply those awesome dresses for "Star Search" contestants and for TV hostess Tracy Scoggins on the Miss Universe and other pageants, have supplied a year's worth of bangles and beads for upcoming magazine covers. Heather Locklear wears a beaded-lapel, gray wool pin-stripe suit (with shorts instead of trousers) and a solidly beaded red tie on the cover of November's Shape magazine. Shari Belafonte wears a gold-beaded black bustier with a black silk skirt on an early December issue of TV Guide. And one of New York's hot models--Sheila Johnson--wears what McLaughlin calls "fully beaded wearable art," a dress titled "Night Flight," on the cover of the premiere issue of Sizzling Images. For bead fanciers, the Jeran team has opened a new shop on Melrose Place.

Designs on Hawaii

Between tennis matches, menswear designer Alexander Julian gave us some details by phone on last week's celebrity opening of the Westin Kauai hotel. The all-cotton aloha shirt he had designed was a hit with celebs such as Catherine Oxenberg, Sonny Bono and Carl Weathers. Julian also contributed to a gala benefit by donating a custom-designed family crest. Robin Leach, host of TV's "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," outbid Michael Nader of "Dynasty" and paid "around three grand" for the crest. Julian says he'll make it as soon as he gets to know Leach's likes and dislikes.

Party Smasher

Sylvester Stallone must really love acid-washed denim. We spotted him Tuesday night at a Brazilian barbecue, a pool-side fashion bash at the Mondrian Hotel. He was literally encased in the fabric from the waist down. His tight jeans seemed not to stop at the ankle, but continued into high-heel, acid-washed denim boots. We must say he looked terrific, and we were sorry to hear he wasn't really there for the party at all. He was looking for someone he was supposed to meet at the hotel.

All That Glitters . . .

What's it like to be a model? We doubt the seamy side will show too much on ABC-TV's "The Making of a Model," an hourlong special airing Oct. 27 on ABC-TV. Among those profiled are Paulina Porizkova, Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson, Iman, Tatjana Potitz, Dianne DeWitt, Rachel Hunter, Roberta Chirko and Dalma as they wend their way through jet-set life. Cheryl Tiegs hosts.

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